Suzanne’s Organic Salon Marks Barrel Brands 9th Distribution State

We are extremely excited to announce that we have added a 9th state to the list of Barrel Brands Retailers. Suzanne’s Organics Salon in Kalamazoo, MI becomes the first stockist in The Mitten. Suzanne’s Organics Salon aims to merge the artistic, creative world of beauty with an emphasis on health and wellness.

The salon works to serve and support their clientele by providing an intimate experience that is nurturing, relaxing, and uplifting. Using only safe, organic, non-toxic hair care and hair color products, personalized artistic designs are created with quality and intention. May your experience at Suzanne’s bring you a sense of renewal.

The spirit of beauty is the belief that beauty comes from within, a continuous transformation. It requires a deep commitment to a loving relationship with ourselves, and an ongoing effort for balance and harmony in our lives. If all things are truly interconnected, our relationship with ourselves is reflected in our relationship with family, friends, community, and the environment. This holistic approach brings about a sense of peace, a feeling of freedom, a lightness of spirit, and renewed creative energy: true beauty.

Suzanne Huffman-Chamberlin is the founder of Suzanne’s Organics Salon and has been designing hair for 25 years. She is a Master Hair Artist, Salon Wellness Consultant, and Toxicity Educator. Suzanne is also a long time practitioner of yoga and meditation, and has completed 200 hours of teacher training at Sangha Yoga. Her background includes 20 years of education within the Aveda network.

As an educator and eco-entrepreneur, Suzanne knows that the products we put on our bodies every day impact our health and the health of the planet, and she believes a radical new approach is needed in the salon industry to create salons free of toxic ingredients. Suzanne stays on top of the cutting edge research on the use of synthetic ingredients and their effects on human health and the environment.

As a holistic practitioner, Suzanne is committed to helping people realize a loving relationship with themselves and to strive for balance and harmony in every aspect of their lives. As an artist, she enjoys creating designs that are a personalized, individual, unique expression of each guest.

Barrel Brands Hair and Skin Oil products are now carried in salons, barber shops, mercantiles, boutiques and tattoo shops around the United States including Illinois, Missouri, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nebraska and Oregon.

You can find Suzanne’s Organics Salon 254 E. Michigan Ave in Downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan. Learn more about the salon on their official website

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