Evergreen Hair & Skin Oil



Expression: Evergreen


Blend: Hair and Skin Oil barrel aged in French oak 60-gallon Ruby port wine casks that finished bourbon along with locally sourced fresh Mint from Green Finned Hippy Farm, Pine, Texas Cedar, and Rick Jordan’s Dominican Republic Chocolate.


Date Drawn: 3/18


1 oz Dropper Bottle

From the luck of the Irish on St. Paddy’s to the earliest blooms of the new year, March is full of green everywhere we turn. These were the inspirations for our March 2018 release, Evergreen. As we welcome Spring back to the Midwest, fresh sprig notes from locally sourced Mint combine with Pine, Cedar, Chocolate, and more.


Mint Chocolate is one of the most popular varieties of chocolate, but at Barrel Brands nothing we do is ordinary. The base inspiration for our Evergreen Hair & Skin Oil was brought to life thanks to fresh, locally sourced Mint sprigs from Green Finned Hippy Farm in Highland, IL combined with St. Louis Chocolatier Rick Jordan’s Dark Cacao Chocolate. We then added a blend of Pine and a touch of Texas Cedar to add depth, character, and unique notes unachieved without these uniquely chosen scents. These natural ingredients along with our proprietary Vitamin E oil blend was barrel aged in French oak 60-gallon Ruby port wine casks that previously finished Bourbon. The depth of the barrel alone from the French oak casks that aged Ruby port that then finished bourbon add subtly distinct flavor nuances that enhance the oil without challenging it.


Evergreen is another expression where we are able to combine locally sourced ingredients from others in our region and combine them with our brand and into our products to help further shine a light on the makers and creators that reside all around us. Green Finned Hippy Farm are proud producers of pasture-raised eggs, grass fed & finished befe, natural aquaponic produce, natural tilapia and more. For those in the region looking for avenues of sustainable living and natural food, we encourage you to check out the farm.


Rick Jordan Chocolatier is St. Louis’ first and only chocolatier that has been given the honor of Top 10 Chocolatier in North America by the industry media authority, Dessert Professional. Rick is truly as master the alchemy of chocolate making. At Rick Jordan Chocolate they control the entire process from roasting, grinding & refining the cacao beans to craft the beautiful house chocolate. The chocolate used in Evergreen 70% Dark Chocolate that originated in the Dominican Republic. All of Rick Jordan’s Chocolates are 100% natural and completely preservative-free, just like Barrel Brands Hair & Skin Oils.

Weight 6 oz


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