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Expression: Darkness


Blend: Rye Whiskey (From Barrel Aging in StilL 630 Presence of Darkness Rye Whiskey Barrels), Chocolate from St. Louis Chocolatier Rick Jordan, Peanut Butter, Pipe Tobacco, Cinnamon, Allspice, and a touch of hand scraped Madagascar Vanilla Bean.


Date drawn: 12/17


1oz Dropper Bottle



A great puzzle is made up of many pieces. Much like how the sum of many parts equals something greater. That is definitely the case for our January 2018 release, Darkness.


This is not your average hair and skin oil, not even by Barrel Brands standards. Darkness is extremely complex, and it begins with the barrel used to create this oil.


Barrel Brands Darkness was barrel aged in a StilL 630 charred American Oak barrel that aged perhaps, the most unique and intriguing whiskey StilL 630 has produced to date.


This was the barrel that housed the third release in StilL 630’s acclaimed Brewery Collaboration Series. This whiskey, Presence of Darkness, began as a beer. Specifically, 4Hands Brewing Company’s ‘Absence of Light’, an incredible deep and rich peanut butter chocolate milk stout.


The beer was double distilled then aged for over 16 months in brand new, 15 gallon charred American oak barrels from Missouri. The barrel imparted some beautiful cinnamon, vanilla, and allspice notes to round out the whiskey and create something truly special.


These barrels created something magical before, and now a part of that passes on to you in Darkness, a hair and skin oil from Barrel Brands.


* Note: All Barrel Brands Hair and Skins Oils are diverse and can be used by Men, Women and Children in a variety of capacities including but not limited to usage as a Beard Oil, Tattoo Oil, Post-Tattoo Moisturizer, Hair Oil, Skin Oil, Makeup Primer, Skin Moisturizer, Post-Shave Moisturizer, or simply as a Fragrance.

2 reviews for Darkness Hair & Skin Oil

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    jeff.j.foote (verified owner)

    I have been using “Barrel Beard and Tattoo” now Barrel Brands for a little over year now and this is hands down the best brand of oil I have ever used for my beard. The fragrance in all their oils is just perfect, strong enough to last the entire day but not so powerful your eyes start to burn, The oils themselves leave your beard with a nice silky full flowing smoothness that lasts.. The skin underneath is very healthy and feels great, I have tried other oils where the oil either dries it out or leaves so much behind you could lube up a motorcycle chain. I have a pretty curly beard and while using this oil it does not get so tangled by the end of the day that I am able to take my brush and go straight through the beard with ease. I have used this oil on my tattoos, my head right after I shave, dry skin on my arms, etc. Jeremy’s oils are pretty amazing to say the least, Like I said I have been using this oil for a bit now and will not use anything else in my beard. When you have a happy beard, life is good!

    If you are reading this (which you are because you are searching the internet looking for that one beard oil that will make your beard happy and looking at reviews) and have not tried these oils, I say you should purchase one bottle and give it a go.
    If you don’t like it give it your wife, mother, girlfriend, or daughter and they could use it for their hair, skin, nails, etc.
    See its a win win no matter what.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael (verified owner)

    I was turned on to Barrel Beard and Tattoo oil via a friend. My Friend knows Jeremy. While I don’t know Jeremy personally, I can say I love his product.
    I especially like this dark oil and the Madagascar blend. It has a wonderful vanilla and dark chocolate aroma that I like.
    I’ve tried other varieties like “Port” which i don’t think they make any more. I have purchased 4 bottles of oil over the past year and a half and have not been disappointed.
    It is way better that a cologne smell coming from something made by Ralph Lauren. And it is nourishing to the beard and skin.
    I highly recommend these oils.

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