Cabin Campfire Collection



Expression: Cabin Campfire Collection


Includes: Cabin Blend No. 2, Smoked Vanilla, Smoked Lavender


Date drawn: 9/18


3 – 1 oz Dropper Bottles

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Cabin Blend No. 1 was released with one of the biggest parties and events we had in our earliest months of business. Hundreds came out to The Cabin at Judy Creek for the highly anticipated release of this expression. When Fall 2018 rolled around, it was only fitting that we return to The Cabin for the release of Cabin Blend No. 2. On that night, there was also a very limited amount of special blend smoke expressions that were offered in the Cabin Campfire Collection.


The Cabin Campfire Collection features Cabin Blend No. 2 along with the extremely limited Smoked blends of Smoked Vanilla and Smoked Lavender. Only 40 total bottles of each of these rare expressions were made.


Smoked Vanilla is a variant of the ever popular Barrel Brands Vanilla Hair & Skin Oil that has sold out of 3 blends to date. The Smoked Lavender Expression is inspired by the also highly popular 595 Expression with local grown lavender from Edwardsville’s Tenderloin Farms.


This product collection features 3 total 30 ml / 1 oz bottles of Barrel Brands Hair & Skin Oil


* Note: All Barrel Brands Hair and Skin Oils are diverse and can be used by Men, Women and Children in a variety of capacities including but not limited to usage as a Beard Oil, Tattoo Oil, Post-Tattoo Moisturizer, Hair Oil, Skin Oil, Makeup Primer, Skin Moisturizer, Post-Shave Moisturizer, or simply as a Fragrance.

Weight 6 oz


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