Following Your Dreams

This past weekend, I did something I’ve never done before. With over four decades of life on this planet, I know I can’t have expected to do everything, but I’ve done a lot and for that I am forever grateful. Every day is a chance to learn and do something new, regardless of our age. Opportunity always exists.

Earlier this year I decided to launch my own company, a brand with my face on the front of it. It was something that I had never previously given much thought, but as it came together I realized I had a dream I did not before see. It was a now or never type of thing as well, I needed to take my chance because why wait?

We are not guaranteed tomorrow, so while we have today and in the present we should make the most of every opportunity and every idea we have. The worst thing that can happen is we fail. But when we fail, we get up and we rise again. We learned this as we first rode our bicycles, as we begin to drive cars, as we learned about love and heartbreak. We always persevere and try again.

It should be no different in the hobbies and passions that you pursue. I had the chance to join one of my best friends on stage with his band Kilverez on Sunday night at the iconic St. Louis punk rock and metal venue Fubar opening for Today Is The Day. Kilverez is an incredible band with the sound that I grew up loving.  When I was asked to contribute vocals on one of the tracks, at first I was not at all interested. I’m not a singer, I’m not a lead man. I’m just me. But then over the past few months, I realized, that it was the time for me to take a chance. Step outside of my comfort zone and go and do something new again. I had an absolute blast and cannot thank the band enough for the opportunity. Who knows what is to come of my shining musical career, but one thing is for sure I will not stop chasing my dreams.

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