Cabin Launch Party – August 11th, 2017 at The Cabin at Judy Creek

On August 11th, 2017 Barrel Beard and Tattoo hosted a launch party for the brand’s newest expression, Cabin. The event took place at The Cabin at Judy Creek in Glen Carbon, IL.

To say that our cabin launch party was a success would be underwhelming and unfair to all of those that made it possible. Hundreds of individuals came out from all across the St. Louis and Metro East region to support our vision and the brand.

What we experienced that evening was nothing short of incredible, satisfying and rewarding at the most unimaginable levels. We met customers face to face for the first time, shared laughs with old friends, made memories with new friends and connected so many of the people we love with new individuals in our circle. That is what cabin life is about, what The Cabin at Judy Creek is about and amazingly we were able to embody this all through our latest scent and this enriching experience.

Nothing in this life is easy, but this company is easily surrounded by the best people we could ever imagine. Every time we think that there is no possible way to continue at this blistering pace, our family friends and loyal customers step up to help propel us into another level.

I’m not simply referring to the financial aspect or sales, but rather the awareness, visibility, momentum and integrity of what we are trying to accomplish. You see, we have goals that are much bigger than making a beard oil, tattoo oil, hair oil or skin oil product. Our goal is to shed light on a community full of craftsmen and makers with genuine intentions that you may be unaware of.

Simply put, we are in this for the long-haul to better not only ourselves but the wonderful people of the St. Louis Metro area and we owe you all for the ability to push forward and make that vision a reality. Thank you, like you’ve never been thanked.

Jeremy Allen Stanton

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