Barrel Brands Strengthens Relationship with Local St. Louis Distiller StilL 630

St. Louis based StilL 630 sits in the heart of Downtown amidst the shadows of the St. Louis Arch. Very early in 2017 when Jeremy Allen Stanton began his Barrel Beard & Tattoo project he reached out and met David Weglarz, founder, owner, operator, distiller (the list goes on, as he wears many hats) of StilL 630 Distillery.

Much like Jeremy, David carries a passion and intensity in life that is unique. Living life to the fullest and chasing your dreams was as obvious as the day turns to night upon first introduction of these two great minds. A few short conversations passed and Jeremy acquired his first barrel from StilL 630. As many who have followed along with the brand’s rapid story know, 2017 was a year filled with incredibly exciting and rapid growth. One barrel lead to two, which lead to four, which lead to many, many more.

As Barrel Brands enters the company’s second year of business, the distillery which provided the barrels used by Barrel Brands in many of their 2017 and 2018 barrel aged oil expression releases will now carry the products on their retail shelves.

In addition to Barrel Brands Hair and Skin Oils now being available at StilL 630 Distillery, plans are in place for a custom expression blend to be released with the distillery on their annual StilL 630 day, June 30th, 2018.

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