Barrel Brands Partners with St. Louis Hop Shop

We know we’re a bit partial, but when we say we are surrounded by great things right here in St. Louis, we aren’t kidding. One of those spots is the Saint Louis Hop Shop. Hop Shop has one of the best beer selections not just in the city but arguably of any storefront of its kind in the nation. We couldn’t be more excited that Barrel Brands Hair & Skin Oils are now available on those same shelves. While customers pick up their favorite barrel aged beer they can grab a barrel aged oil to go along with it.

The Saint Louis Hop Shop is co-owned by brothers Justin Harris & Ryan Griffin who share a passion for well-crafted things where time and dedication becomes a rewarding outcome. Craft beer fits right into that category as do our Barrel Brands products. Microbreweries in Saint Louis are all about originality and they all have their own style. With all the wonderful beer here in Saint Louis. the objective is to create a place people could find some of their local favorites while being introduced to variety of beers from all over the country. The idea of being able to purchase single beers instead of committing to an entire 6 pack creates the opportunity to find what you really enjoy about different microbreweries. From Saint Louis Hop Shop branded merchandise to rare beers and now Barrel Brands, there truly is something here for everyone.

The essence of beer in Missouri has strengthened the community and connected so many people organically. The Hop Shop has taken on the duty of stimulating this growth as a catalyst between good beer and those who appreciate it. The goal is to give people access to a little bit of everything so they bring in new beers weekly and also have a tasting bar with 4 revolving taps to have a beer as you walk through the store!

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