Barrel Brands Expands Chicagoland Retail Footprint with Gentlemen’s Row

Gentlemen’s Row Barber Shop in Des Plaines is the newest Chicago area shop to carry the brand’s barrel aged hair and skin oils for retail customers.


Barrel Brands is extremely proud to announce the expansion of their brand in the Chicagoland region through a recently solidied relationship with Gentlemen’s Row Barber Shop in Des Plaines, Illinois. Gentlemen’s Row carries a wide range of Barrel Brands Hair & Skin Oils including the brand’s Built, 595, and eeadagascar Brewer’s Collaboration expressions.

The Gentlemen’s Row has been in business for over 4 years and offers world-class cuts and shaves. Known for the old-school barber shop vibe and classic shave and cut styling, the Gentlemen’s Row staff has also gone through extensive training to work towards mastery of virtually every style.

Gentlemen’s Row was founded on the notion that traditional American barber shops are dying. Owner Eric Haizel has always been a fan of eras past, back when makers thrived and craftsmen were plentiful. Men and women prided themselves in their craft and studied, developed, and evolved their skills. In addition to being a barber and shop owner, Eric is a welder and fabricator who created all the barber stations in the shop along with the shampoo station and tables throughout Gentlemen’s Row.

As Eric spent time in old school Italian barber shops, and a day in a corporate chain shop, he noticed that the older generation of barbers did not have the same attention to detail that he sought. Clean, crisp lines, hot towel shaving and the ultimate in grooming. He feels trends and techniques that are emerging and should be embraced.

At Gentlemen’s Row, when you open the door you take a step back in time while being embraced with modern techniques. The barbers are traditional skilled craftsmen who appreciate classic values and are damn proud of it. Scissors and precision take priority, haircuts will take at least 30 minutes with meticulous attention to detail provided. A good hot towel shave will take 45 to an hour, and they are OK with that because they take their time to make things right. No walk-ins, no shortcuts, appointments only. Whether you want a vintage cut, a classic, or something modern and fresh, Gentlemen’s Row Barber Shop in Des Plaines is the barber shop for you!

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