Barrel Brands Brewers Collaboration Debut with Madagascar & Uganda Expressions

If you hadn’t picked up on it already, we love barrel aging. Aging a liquid inside of a wood barrel imparts flavors, scents and notes that are simply unmatched without the patience and process that is required. We also love a good drink. Beers and spirits are a large inspiration for what we do here at Barrel Brands along with being direct inspirations for some of the flavors we chase or scents we look to create.

Jeremy never knew his love for vanilla until his first sip of a 4 Hands Brewing Company Madagascar. Madagascar is an Imperial Milk Stout that is aged in used Bourbon barrels with whole vanilla beans. These whole vanilla beans are the very reason why we hand scrape and only use natural Madagascar vanilla beans here at Barrel Brands.

When the chance arose in 2017 to be able to source and work with 4 Hands on a barrel aged hair and skin oil we were thrilled. Little did we know that one of the barrels would be one of our first loves, Madagascar Imperial Milk Stout.

On January 28th, 2018 4 Hands Brewing Company will release their 2018 Edition of Madagascar which also features a few variants including a Madagascar Uganda. On this same date, Barrel Brands is proud to launch their Madagascar and Madagascar Uganda Hair and Skin Oils that were aged in the same barrels used to produce 4 Hand’s 2018 Madagascar Imperial Milk Stouts. Both oils will be available for purchase at the 4 Hands Tasting Room during the launch event as well as in the brewery’s retail shop following the launch.

These oils mark the first in our Brewers Collaboration Series and are a true extension of what we do. From the ingredients we use to the barrel our products are aged in, each element tells a story and at times that story comes together in full.

Learn more about each of these new expressions below.


Barrel Brands Madagascar is a barrel aged hair and skin oil inspired by the 4 Hands Brewing Company Imperial Milk Stout with which it shares its name and the first in a series of Brewer’s Collaboration oils. Our proprietary Vitamin E based oil blend was barrel aged in French oak 60-gallon ruby port wine casks that previously finished Bourbon. These are the same barrels that were used in the barrel aging process of the beer itself. The barrels and ingredients impart a range of notes that begin with a base note of sweet scent of vanilla complimented by a complex blend of port wine, oak, Bourbon and chocolate. An invigorating hint of cinnamon helps bring additional life and complexity to this expression. St. Louis Chocolatier Rick Jordan provided his Dominican Republic organic roasted fair trade cacao nibs to further add a depth of chocolate to the oil that finishes off with the earthy tones of pipe tobacco and Texas cedar.


Uganda is a unique variant expression in our Brewers Collaboration that feature a base of Barrel Brands Madagascar along with the same micro-lot Ugandan coffee beans from Goshen Coffee Company that were added to the 4 Hands Imperial Milk Stout Variant. These beans which were grown on the northern slopes of Mount Elgon and processed at the Sipi Falls Mill provide an incredible lift to this oil adding notes of strawberry, raspberry, and plum. Additional layers of vanilla and Bourbon arise from the beans themselves, adding a perfect blend to the hand scraped Madagascar beans that are added to the French oak 60-gallon ruby port wine casks that previously finished Bourbon. These are also the same barrels that were used in the barrel aging process of the beer itself. The air-roasted coffee provides a lift and lastingness that is finished subtly sweet thanks with St. Louis Chocolatier Rick Jordan’s Dominican Republic organic roasted fair trade cacao nibs.

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