Barrel Beard and Tattoo News and Updates with Saint Brewis Podcast

Not only did we have an amazing day at the Beer Bazaar at 4 Hands Brewery hosted by Game Night Gear on July 16th but we also had a chance to sit down with our good friends at Saint Brewis and dropped some exclusive news about the Barrel Society, the return of our Bourbon & Vanilla expression and the rapid growth of Barrel Beard & Tattoo.

Please take a few minutes to listen below and join me in trying to keep up on this wild ride.

– Jeremy Allen Stanton

Beering Impaired, is a weekly podcast that features interviews with local brewers, homebrewers, and all kinds of beer experts. Each episode will be hosted by Certified Cicerone® Justin Phelps and his trusty sidekick, Blake Fehl. Come for the beer news and knowledge, stay for the witty banter.

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