Beard Oil, Tattoo Oil, & So Much More


Barrel Brands produces a line of small batch barrel aged oils meant to treat and protect your skin and hair. Made and barrel aged by hand by Jeremy Allen Stanton, every bottle is inspected, filled and packaged with care.


Proprietary and constantly evolving, all of Barrel Brands oils include pure vitamin E oil and a blend of other natural oils that make your hair and skin look and feel healthy as well as protecting them from the elements.


While specifically developed by Jeremy to help maintain his tattoos and beard, the blend of oils in every bottle has a wealth of benefits far exceeding those uses.  Our oils are excellent wherever you need extra moisturizing and can help repair damaged hair and split ends, lighten scars and repair cracked skin, bring new life to old tattoos or keep your newly-healed art preserved for years, smooth stretch marks, ease dermatitis and so much more.


Our Process

Great things take time. That’s why we barrel age each and every one of our hair and skin oils in used spirit barrels for 6 months or longer. Barrel aging imparts notes and scents that are unmatched and unavailable without the dedication and commitment to the process. As complex as an aged whiskey, beer, or wine and as deep as your favorite novel.

Finest Ingredients

Most hair and skin oils are mellow, minimal & simple. Ours are a bit more involved. In addition to our barrel aging process, our proprietary Vitamin E based oil blend features blends of the finest natural ingredients available. Our constantly evolving formulas are creating new and unique scent combinations never before experienced but always beloved.

Meet The Man Behind It All


A proud USAF veteran, husband of 22+ years, father of two and friend to many; this level of passion finds its way into every bottle. Never one to shy away from hard work and with deliberate steps, Jeremy has never walked the easy roads in life.


Barrel Brands was formed from that experience, passion, and high level of hard work and determination. Originally envisioned as just a passion product to help take care of his beard and tattoos, it evolved into something to share with friends and family and soon Jeremy wasn’t satisfied until he was putting all of his effort into making his oil blends the best immaginable.


As his oil began to take shape with bold scents that meant something to Jeremy, the idea of aging the blends like a great whiskey arose. The original intentions were never overshadowed. The oil is still small batch, made by his hands, never more than 10 gallons at a time and always made with the same meticulous care. No corners are cut and they never will be, that just is not who Jeremy is.

The love that I have for my friends & family defines me.


We don’t just create oils and scents, we create Expressions. Each and every Barrel Brands Hair and Skin Oil is uniquely formulated, inspired, and meticulously created. Click below to learn more about all of our individual elixirs.

Where To Buy

Barrel Brands Oils are available in barber shops, salons, tattoo parlors, boutiques from our backyard of St. Louis and the Metro East region along with states like Louisiana, Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska.


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Functional & Versatile

Barrel Brands Hair and Skin Oils have a wide range of uses.

Beard Oil

Barrel Brands Oils were originally created by founder Jeremy Allen Stanton to help moisturize, protect and shape his beard. The same beard you see on every package of our oil today!

Hair Oil

A few drops of Barrel Brands Oil in your hair can help to nourish and moisturize dead ends, tame flyaways, and help style and shine.

Tattoo Oil

From preserving and protecting timeless treasures to helping heal that newest tattoo, Barrel Brands Oils work wonderfully to add the pop to tattoos.

Skin Oil

The proprietary Vitamin E base of Barrel Brands oils delivers moisture and a layer of protection as well as working wonderfully post-shave on fresh pores.

Makeup Primer

Barrel Brands Oil helps to give dry skin the perfect surface for the application of powder or foundation while working to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.


No beard? No tattoos? No problem. Many of our customers love the scent of our oils so much they were them as a fragrance in place of traditional colognes or perfumes.


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